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Alphanumeric Displays / graphic Displays

Alphanumeric Displays

1x8 ECM0801 A 84.0x44.0x10.0/13.5 PDF
1x8 ECM0801 C 69.0x27.0x8.5/13.0 PDF
1x8 ECM0801 D 45.0x24.0x15.0 PDF

2x8 ECM0802 A 40.0x35.4x8.5/13.0 PDF
2x8 ECM0802 B 58.0x32.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
2x8 ECM0802 C 58.0x32.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
2x8 ECM0802 F 34.0x34.0x10.0 PDF
2x8 ECM0802 G 47.0x28.0x9.5/13.5 PDF

1x12 ECM1202 A 55.7x32.0x9.2/13.00 PDF
1x15 ECM1501 A 38.0x15.0x15.5 PDF

1x16 ECM1601 A 80.0x36.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
1x16 ECM1601 B 122.0x33.0x9.5 PDF
1x16 ECM1601 C 122.0x33.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
1x16 ECM1601 G 143.0x40.0x9.5/13.5 PDF

2x16 ECM1602 A 80.0x36.0x9.5/14.0 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 B 84.0x44.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 C 66.0x25.0x7.0 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 E 85.0x36.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 H 65.5x36.7x9.5/13.5 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 K 80.0x36.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 L 80.0x36.0x9.5/14.0 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 M 53.0x20.0x7.6 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 N 85.0x29.5x9.5/13.5 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 P 80.0x36.0x9.5/14.0 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 Q 66.0x26.0x8.5 PDF
2x16 ECM1602 S 122.0x44.0x9.5/13.5 PDF

4x16 ECM1604 B 87.0x60.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
4x16 ECM1604 C 87.0x60.0x9.5/13.5 PDF

2x20 ECM2002 A 146.0x43.0x10.0/14.5 PDF
2x20 ECM2002 B 180.0x40.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
2x20 ECM2002 D 116.0x37.0x9.5/13.5 PDF

4x20 ECM2004 A 77.0x47.0x13.5 PDF
4x20 ECM2004 C 98.0x60.0x9.5/14.0 PDF
4x20 ECM2004 D 98.0x60.0x9.5/14.0 PDF
4x20 ECM2004 F 146.0x62.5x10.5/14.5 PDF

4x24 ECM2402 B 116.0x37.0x9.5/14.0 PDF
4x24 ECM2402 C 118.0x36.0x9.5/14.0 PDF

1x40 ECM4001 A 182.0x33.5x9.5/13.5 PDF
2x40 ECM4002 A 182.0x33.5x9.5/13.5 PDF
4x40 ECM4004 A 190.0x54.0x9.5/13.5 PDF

Graphic Displays

122x32 EGM12232 A 84.0x44.0x10.5/13.0 PDF
122x32 EGM12232 C 84.0x44.0x10.5/13.0 PDF
122x32 EGM12232D1 80.0x36.0x8.5 PDF
122x32 EGM12232 E 98.0x50.0x11.5 PDF
122x32 EGM12232 F 75.0x30.0x9.5 PDF

128x32 EGM12832 B 85.0x29.5x9.5/13.5 PDF

128x64 EGM12864 A 93.0x70.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
128x64 EGM12864 B 78.0x70.0x10.0/13.0 PDF
128x64 EGM12864 C 93.0x70.0x10.0/13.0 PDF
128x64 EGM12864 E 78.0x70.0x10.0/13.0 PDF
128x64 EGM12864 H 75.0x52.7x9.5/13.0 PDF

128x128 EGM128128 A 92.0x106.0x12.0/16.5 PDF

160x32 EGM16032 A 114.0x40.0x9.5/13.5 PDF
160x32 EGM16032 C 122.0x44.0x14.0 PDF
160x32 EGM16032 D 122.0x44.0x14.0 PDF

192x64 EGM19264 A 130.0x65.0x9.5/14.0 PDF
192x64 EGM19264 B 120.0x62.0x9.5/14.0 PDF

240X64 EGM24064 A 180.0x65.0x10.5/16.0 PDF

240x128 EGM1240128 A 144.0x104.0x10.0/15.0 PDF

320x240 EGM320240 A   PDF

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